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5 Design Trends in Home Windows

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5 Design Trends in Home Windows

The current trend in home windows involves maximizing natural light while getting away from standard window shapes and colors. This lets homeowners get creative when choosing the perfect home windows. Let’s look at the top five window design trends for homes today:

1. Embrace Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

For decades, windows were notorious for being drafty and leaky. Therefore, they were kept as small as possible while adhering to building codes. Today, aluminum and glass windows are environmentally friendly and energy efficient in all sizes. You don’t have to worry about air leaks or hang heavy curtains in front of them. You and your family can enjoy your new, large windows with natural lighting and expansive views, all while keeping your energy bills low.

2. Increase Your Home’s Drama Factor With Aluminum Doors and Windows

Do you dream of a grand entrance that increases your home’s curb appeal? With aluminum and glass windows and doors, your entranceway isn’t simply a gap in your home’s exterior with a bland door where you can enter and exit — it becomes a showpiece. With aluminum and glass custom doors and windows, you can create dramatic entranceways that will help your home stand out by providing you with exceptional curb appeal.

You can also enhance the beauty of the back of your home with a window wall. Turning the back wall of your home into a window wall with pivoting or sliding doors will maximize light and give you a complete view. Whether the view is your landscaped backyard, the ocean, or alake, it is guaranteed to wow everyone who visits.

3. Increase Visual Appeal With Non-standard Shapes and Colors

Do you dream of curved or angled doorways and windows in non-standard colors? Your windows don’t have to be white, gray, or black when you choose aluminum and glass. Instead, they can be created in your choice of colors and finishes. They can be precisely designed with curves and angles, including angles that follow the line of your roof or specific architectural details within your home. By choosing the right colors and shapes, you can get the exact details you want in your windows.

4. Create Multipurpose Spaces

This year's trend is to create spaces with multiple uses so that no area goes unused. This allows homeowners to build smaller, to save money, or to remodel their homes and create larger rooms by removing walls. Both concepts allow homeowners to take advantage of large rooms and create beautiful multipurpose rooms.

For example, you’ve heard of great rooms encompassing the kitchen, dining room, and living room, but have you ever thought about completely customized multipurpose spaces that give everyone in your family a place to perform their favorite indoor activities? Imagine a room along the entire back wall of your home that contains your kitchen, living area, dining room, and game or craft room.

You can even create a separate area for your office by installing glass pivot doors, and it’s all tied together with a beautifully constructed window wall that gives you a full view of your yard. The wall of windows can even be built with doors that lead out to your patio or deck. It is possible with custom windows and glazed walls from Reynaers Aluminium.

5. Turn Your Bathroom Into a Personal Spa

Did you know that you can get the look and feel of a spa in your own bathroom? Spas provide relaxing environments where you can soak away your stress. You can create that effect in your bathroom by remodeling your current bathroom. Or, build a bathroom with areas for a large walk-in shower, soaking tub, and vanity. You can even design a sitting space where you can read a book or magazine while waiting for your purifying facemask to work its magic!

In addition to creating all the bathroom areas you’ve ever wanted, you can also allow natural light in, and it doesn't have to be a skylight in your ceiling. It can be a group of windows or a curtain wall along the exterior wall of your bathroom, and you can use interior floor-to-ceiling windows to separate different areas of your bathroom. To maintain privacy, you can request the glass frosted or with various tints so that you can still enjoy natural light while not allowing others to see through the windows.

Aluminum Windows With Reynaers Aluminium

At Reynaers Aluminium, we can help you get the right look and feel for your home with our custom aluminum windows and glazed walls. We offer standard and unique shapes that can be colored and finished to your needs. For more ideas on how to add beautiful, energy-efficient windows, doors, and curtain walls to your home, check out our inspiration gallery.

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